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Expert VBA Development

We can use VBA to supercharge Excel, saving you time and money – many of our customers get ROI within 3/4 months

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For many programming scenarios, Excel delivers in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost than any other method.  It can do so much already.. why pay someone to reinvent the wheel? Leverage the power of Excel, we’ll show you how.

Some Common Questions Our Customers Ask About VBA for Excel:

Is VBA the same thing as a Macro ?

Essentially yes.  Macros in Excel are written in VBA. VBA is a language, its short for Visual Basic For Applications

What can’t VBA do then?

If Excel can do it, then VBA can do it.

The idea is, that we can press buttons and stuff in Excel – but those button presses can actually be recorded and played back.

Recording and playing back something takes much less time…

I want something really complicated – can you help me?

Almost certainly. It’s a very rare occasion that we can’t make someones life easier…