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Transforming Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Applications

Convert Workbooks to Web Applications

Easily Build your Excel Web Tools

Without expensive and time-consuming coding

Developing web applications from scratch can often be a tedious and costly process. One of the most challenging parts of creating a data capture or a web utility tool is to code the entire calculation logic in a programming language like Java, PHP or .NET.

Excel has superior flexibility when it comes to designing a user interface and creating a business logic. Acting as a data entry form, database, and a glorified calculator, Excel is a time-tested platform that can perform many tasks all by itself, and has proven extremely useful in most business cases.

Enable a swift and easy transfer of data between the office and the web.

Combining Excel’s superior flexibility and its ease of use, SpreadsheetWEB offers an all-in-one solution to some typical limitations of a desktop application. By ‘converting’ your Excel workbooks into full-scale web applications with user management and database support, you can create complicated web tools without expensive and time-consuming coding.”

Watch Previews / Demo

Watch these images and videos that demonstrate how web apps work

Maintain Excel Logic

Your Excel formulas and data remain intact. All future updates are performed in Excel format.

Highly Accessible

Using responsive mobile and web layout, your application is accessible from any mobile or desktop device.


Built-in application and data-level security features available through a web-based interface.

Save Money

Eliminate time consuming and tedious business logic programming and use logic already built into spreadsheets. It means low programming cost and also maintenance.


Transform your Excel into micro services. We can turn any complex spreadsheet into almost any web application, from simple loan calculator to complex business report.

Better Collaboration

Website applications allow a great online collaboration between business units. An easy to use interface helps increase your team’s productivity.